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We're all in crisis mode, trying to figure out next moves to stay in business while the world adjusts to a new normal. Allegheny Together is here to aid in whatever way we can.  Click below to find resources to aid your small business.


Allegheny Together is a program that provides strategic planning and technical support for traditional business districts throughout Allegheny County. The program is supported by Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and the Allegheny County Economic Development. The process stresses community organization and data-driven planning as a way to direct public investment, spur private investment, and revitalize our communities.

Allegheny Together offers communities assistance through partnering with Pittsburgh-based consultants Fourth Economy and evolve environment and architecture. In the program, communities are lead through a facilitated strategic planning process, utilizing data analysis, community engagement, and an urban design review. Through this process, priorities are established, which are then addressed through technical assistance.  

A principal objective of Allegheny Together is to help existing businesses thrive in our county’s downtown shopping districts. By helping existing enterprises succeed, Allegheny Together hopes to attract new entrepreneurs to the market, thus increasing district vibrancy. 

The application process is complete for the 2020 cohort. For future cohorts, learn more about the application process here. 

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